Imagine having a small Amazone Forest right in your living room. It will definitely give any part of your home a hint of natural beauty and will become a great conversational piece! This beautiful air terrarium is made of acrylic, that is 10 times stronger, clearer and lighter than glass. It also offers self-contained automated ecosphere that takes care of all the hassle you might face, so you don’t have to worry about anything – just enjoy watching nature flourish in your home. This ecosphere perfectly replicates the natural conditions and beauty of a tropical forest canopy, while LED lighting simulates a 24-hour cycle, creating sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time. This light array enables plants to grow naturally, without bending as they would to a single light source found in nature. The intelligent system automatically mists when the humidity drops – so you will have a 100% real tropical forest with all of its natural phenomenona. Keep an eye on – you might even see a life emerging!