From candle holders to coat racks, these fireplace designs are all about clean lines that add a little ingenuity to your everyday. We can even say that they are seamless. This line of contemporary and artistic fireburners is no exception. Impeccably styled and multifunctional, you’ll love to grab a few bottles of vintage vino and kick back with these serene additions – they will definitely create an ambient and magical atmosphere.

Most of the designs combine a perfect combination of fire and ice in a solid steel design. Shards of “ice”, painted in a gunmetal grey epoxy powder coat, form a pattern of elegance and structure, allowing the beauty of natural flame to emanate from within the torch’s delicate frame. The design is simple and effective in providing beautiful ambient light. It’s really easy to light and extinguish, and they all have a smoke-free flame. Contemporary accent pieces for your home or the garden, just insert it into the ground or mount it to a custom base for it to stand freely. Simple and elegant.