Ok, now that’s something interesting… We were quite surprised when we’ve found this device. It’s an emergency candle phone charger. In a nutshell, you can use a candle and a bit of water to produce all the needed electricity and safely and reliably charge your smartphone! I don’t know, but it sounds really funny but cool at the same time.
So just imagine: when power outages hit, staying connected to family, friends and emergency services is critical, yes? And then you begin to panic: how to charge my phone?? Solar panels? Nope, it doesn’t work at night or indoors. Hand cranks? Minimal power. 10 hours cranking to charge a phone… that’s tough. So, some guys thought out a solution and created a candle charger that became a first indoor generator, designed to charge smartphones and keep them charged.
This company called Stower, builds energy products for individuals, making it easier and more efficient to generate and control electricity. Whether it’s a blackout or someone is far away from the power grid where the energy is not available – this is the solution in all the situations when you need sustainable energy. Cool, huh?