I know what you’re going to say, seriously I do… you don’t want to go glamping… but she probably does!

Large enough for a Queen size bed, a stove and a chimney this beast of a tent is super roomy and might be the only way to get her to enjoy the great outdoors (of course the extent of its greatness is really company dependent).

The dream house tent comes in 13.1′ and 16.4′ diameter sizes and the cotton canvas cover is waterproof, mold-resistant, and weighs just over half a pound. The PVC groundsheet adds another 1.2 pounds to the load. Center and door poles are made of galvanized steel.

All the windows come with mosquito nets, but if it gets to warm you can just unzip them and let the cool breeze roll in. Alternatively, you can even roll out the walls to get a bit more air in.

Dream House packs down into a canvas bag small enough to fit on the back of a motorcycle or in a trunk. Not sure where you’ll put bed though!