If you have a dog – you will be familiar with this situation: you give your little buddy his lunch and after 1 minute it’s gone, and your dog is sitting by you giving these huge puppy eyes, asking for more. This kind of feeding is against dog’s primal instincts, the food, that has to be his prey, becomes just another boring moment passed next to the bowl – it adds absolutely nothing to your dog’s natural foraging skills. With this great mat, you will be able to keep your canine’s sense of smell as sharp as ever. Just serve your pooch’s snacks or food on this foraging and feeding mat – you will engage your dog’s powerful sense of smell by combining their natural foraging instincts with mealtime. This machine-washable wooly snuffle mat mimics the hunt for food in nature – so your puppy has to use his brain and his small nose in order to fill his belly! Their nose is thousands of time more powerful than our own, so you have to increase his inner scent-driven scavenger. Release him to the hunt and make him happy (besides, everyone loves to play with food!)