Take a minute to think back to your childhood when literally any toy that glowed in the dark got you super excited. Now, picture this: glow-in-the-dark rainbow-colored hair. That you can wear as an adult. TBH, I’m not surprised that glow-in-the-dark hair is possible at this point. I mean, the world is full of endless possibilities, which has become evident with hidden rainbow, denim, chocolate mauve, and now this. So I think it’s safe to say there’s absolutely no chill when it comes to dyeing your hair the color of your dreams, and you should continue to do you. Forget glow sticks, now you can make your own mane glow in the dark. With this glow in the dark hair dye, you will be able to shine brightly in the dead of night! This peroxide and ammonia-free vegan-friendly dye comes in a range of vibrant colors that come to life under UV lighting. So imagine the moment when you hit the dance floor – we can ensure – all eyes will be on you!