Wired lighting?… pffft! That’s a thing of the past. The days of you having to untangle all your lights and climb your tree, with a wonky ladder are over.

The illuminator laser light decorates your tree with a smattered pinpoint effect. All in a fraction of the time it would normally take to set up lights, the patent-pending contraption throws a projection of laser-driven LED dots onto receiving surfaces. Each 3-ounce Illuminator can cover an area of up to 25′ x 25′.

The set up couldn’t be simpler. The light attaches to a flexible stem and base, plugs in, and then projects its red, green, or blue colours onto the facing surface. To widen light coverage, move the Illuminator farther from its surface point; to narrow, move it closer.

This awesome device is perfect for any of the holidays and can withstand some of the hardest weather!