This designer reinvents old materials in a brand new way. What he has done, was taken traditional jerrycans and created mobile bar stations from them, allowing collectors to appreciate history in a brand new way — all while enjoying a cocktail.

This Jerrycan Bar is a luxurious handmade art piece for the living room, the office, or anywhere you want a bar on the go! All Jerrycan bars are handmade in the pursuit of perfection, from the genuine steel jerrycans to the wood used for the container, which is recycled from old pallets. A Jerrycan container is a German invention that dates back to WW2. Used to hold everything from gas, diesel, and kerosene to water, it’s got a room for a bottle of Bacardi rum (70cl) / 6 cans of Coca-Cola (33cl) / 4 cans of cola mixed Bacardi (25cl). And two highball glasses (25 cl)! It’s the perfect portable party.They are really comfy to carry, look cool and… it’s a bar on the go – what more is there to add?