Light up your room the only way a Pokemon Master should with these 3D crystal Pokeballs. It’s 100% guaranteed to impress any Pokemon fan! You will be able to get a glimpse into the innards of what a Pokeball really looks like! The laser etched crystal ball showcases a miniature Pokemon that colorfully comes alive once the LED is turned on.

This is the line of crystal Pokeballs with glowing Pokemon inside made by hand! You can choose from 14 favorite Pokemons: Alakazam, Articuno, Blastoise, Espeon, Gengar, Lugia, Mega Charizard, Mew, Moltres, Sylveon, Vaporeon, Venusaur, Zapdos, and, of course, everyone’s favorite – Pikachu!

Each Poke ball is made of a high-grade K9 crystal – the same material used in high-end home decor. The crystal is carved into a 80mm diameter (around baseball size) ball and has fine point 3d laser engraving done to it. Using the latest in 3d engraving technologies the image is burnt straight into the crystal. This laser is 5 times more precise than traditional 3d engraving to offer amazing detail and realism to each Pokemon! Now you will be able to have a true Pokemon right on the top of your table.