Now you will be able to experience THE light to the next level. This modern lamp requires no batteries and is powered through the air via induction! Designed in Sweden, the light’s base is made of quarter-sawn oak, ash and walnut wood finished – yes, they are the kings of design and minimal aesthetics… It looks and feels good, and most importantly – last a long time. The designers are using energy efficient LEDs, that are rated at about 50,000 hours! That’s 12 hours a day for 11 years! A single touch turns the bulb on… and it stars hovering! This levitating light hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered by the air. It’s inspired by New York City’s monochrome skyline – you can find these Manhattan features in this borosilicate glass bulb, while it floats over its base and rotates slowly in the air for some futuristic, throwback and paranormal visuals.