Lacking self-confidence when kissing someone? Well, this lip balm will definitely create an unforgettable kissing experience! Yes, I know – “what more can they think of? That’s nonsense!”. But actually, it really works! You just need to apply this lip balm and kiss your partner (uninformed, preferably). And then… just wait for their reaction! Their body will start to tremble, heart will beat faster, lips will get numb and everything will go electric.

This lipstick is made from high-quality natural ingredients. The soft, rich and creamy formula is enhanced with more than 11 essential oils – so you can use as a regular lip balm as well. The custom components make application simple for a sophisticated, elegant and stylish look.

Yes, it’s all about self-confidence, but we can assure you that this proprietary numbing agent will add a bit of that tingly sexiness and the lip balm will become a one-of-a-kind secret weapon for those seeking a sexier experience.