The world’s first pancake printer, is also another addition to the world of pointless, yet awesome inventions.

Fancy a syrup soaked Pikachu… no problem. Need to print some boobs to live out your fantasy of pouring syrup over them… I mean you can do that to… you loser.

Created by inventor Miguel Valenzuela, you can create your awesome designs on any computer, send them to the Pancakebot, and hey presto… weirdly awesome designed pancakes, with literally any design you can imagine.

The software is very user friendly, requires very little technical know-how and doesn’t require you to be a culinary expert. The smart batter dispensing system (yes, it’s a thing now) allows you to do shading and defined lines – there is even an image refinement system for doing a bit of editing.

This is literally the most pointless gift ever but it’s perfect for those of you that need to up your pancake game!