Ok, I can admit now. Around 50% of my food-money is spent on pizza delivery. The pizza delivery guy became my best friend, Jack – I’m sending you my best wishes. Now, sadly, our friendship will be over since I’ve found this oven, that makes me the best Pizza Cook in the whole neighborhood! And don’t start imagining a big half-room-sized oven, guys – no! It’s super small! It was even called “the world’s funniest pizza oven” that is half countertop! But it has a real terracotta dome (helps to capture the authentic flavor) & dual heating elements – so I can ensure you, that’s the real thing. With this little oven, you can create your own delicious mini pizzas in a matter of minutes right at the kitchen table! Pizzas only take 5 to 10 minutes to cook! Even “fuller” pizzas – you know what I mean, when you have like.. 3 layers of toppings? – 10 minutes! Done! The dual heating elements create an all-around effect for the best pizza. The oven is super easy to clean, and the cooking sheet can be removed and washed separately. Now Pizza lovers will have a perfect companion for gatherings of friends and family, date nights and birthday parties. Have I told you it can fit 6 mini pizzas? Yup.