Enhance your space with these portable, modern and transparent fireplaces – they are the new thing now. They are super sleek, elegant and futuristic thus adding a kick of style to your home. This fireplace combines the best of modern design and technology. It’s clean-burning with a stainless steel base, tempered glass panels for safety and a stainless steel burner. Using the eco-friendly Bio-Ethanol fuel, it ensures a complete safety and it does not result in soot, smoke or hazardous fumes. It’s also really dramatic for your living room, bedroom or communal space. Check out all the portable fireplaces from this designer – we are sure you will find the one that suits you the most. (we definitely fell in love with this one…) And the best thing about these fireplaces – you can bring them anywhere you want! Want to add a little romance while bathing – not a problem, just take it with you to your bathroom. Amazing, isn’t it?