Guests arriving unexpectedly, and you, as always, forgot to chill the beverages? Well with this kick-ass device you will be able to chill up to six cans or one bottle of wine in just a few minutes! All that’s required is a tray or two of ice cubes, some water, the beverage containers, and a push of a button. A can of pop or beer chills from room temperature to 43 degree F in just one minute!!! A bottle of wine chills in just six minutes. Beverage containers rotate horizontally while being bathed by a jet of ice water, a process that is 40 times faster than chilling beverages in a freezer, and carbonated drinks won’t explode or fizz upon opening. AND you can warm your drinks with it as well! For example – a bottle of baby formula, simply add hot water instead of ice. The Cooper Cooler, invented by a chemical engineering student, includes other handy features such as preset time buttons on the touchpad, a no-spin option, add-ice indicator light, and automatic-off when done. Non-slip feet keep the machine firmly in place. Amazing, huh?