Adventurists – the time has come. An app-enabled Bluetooth LED lighting backpack is completely smart and ready to climb on your back. It’s loaded with tons of storage space ready for you to head outside! And no matter if it’s after hours – thanks to its app-enabled LED lighting, it has a safety light (that you can control the color of as well!). App also allows you to find your bag from afar, as well as syncing music with your backpack (yes, you’ve read that right). So now your LEDs can pulse to the time of the tunes – and all from up to 33 feet away. It seems that that would be it? Nope. It’s also waterproof, lightweight, durable, shockproof, heat dissipation technology, has a quick dry technology AND it also includes a USB output. So you can charge your phone… from your backpack! The weather does not matter anymore – either it’s a night time bike ride or a daytime hiking through a vigorous storm – you are ready.