This Smart Clock is the world’s first smart clock with Amazon Alexa integrated into its interface. It’s an interactive voice and touch controlled smart clock that uses Amazon Alexa Voice Service to set alarms, play music, control smart home devices and much more. So just imagine how many functions one simple clock can have! Best of all, it’s a standalone Alexa device that does not require an Echo or Dot.

More than a clock, VOBOT clock can help you sleep and wake-up better with a guided relaxation program! You can also customize your music from any player or streaming service and even access your audiobooks. It works as a voice-enable speaker to serve you by instantly checking the weather, reading the news, voice controlling smart home devices, making lists, and anything else Alexa can do. You can even control it with hand gestures! And that’s not all: by learning about your routines, VOBOT will also make suggestions to create a perfect and automated environment to start your day.

Just like having a small robot on your counter. Interested? We for sure are!