Nowadays we live in the smart-technology world. So why not make everything smart, if there is a chance? Now, even your rear-view mirror can be improved by miles and serve you even better! This smart rear-view mirror has so many advantages, we don’t even know where to begin… Ok, so firstly, like all the smart devices, it has a touch control LCD wide screen display. This unique split screen display (up to 1280*480 high resolution, by the way) shows navigation and can record at the same time! This little mirror has many featured functions: loop recording, G-sensor lock, FM transmitter, shortcut bar, gallery view, real-time playback, file manager and way more… The dual camera records simultaneously in full HD. It also has a WiFi which grants you infinite possibilities, with thousands of apps available in Play store… Of course, it also has professional GPS navigation… It’s all-you-need in one!