Meet Cujo. He’s cute, smart, and will protect your electronic treasure! CUJO keeps all your devices safe against hacks, malware, and other web threats. It brings business-level security to your home network and secures everything from tablets and PCs, to TVs, baby monitors, and virtually all devices connected to your WiFi router. Because we all know, that the threat is real – just imagine the struggle and many risen problems if a hack actually occurred… That is why you need to be prepared.

Long story short, CUJO acts as a gateway between your devices and for your connection to the Internet. It inspects packets of data coming and leaving your network and block threats before they can reach the target or do damage. It also analyzes behavior and secures all devices connected to your network. This is critical because newly connected devices don’t have pre-installed security.

Unlike traditional solutions, CUJO adapts and reacts when your home is attacked and does not rely just on libraries of known malware issues. It analyzes a humongous amount of behavioral data in the cloud and pushes learnings from one home to all CUJO protected homes. Also, CUJO is a great solution to keep your kids from inappropriate content online, also – your personal content from getting online…