I bet you were always thinking that all those neon-light solutions are really expensive and need a lot of effort to install?
Well, you were wrong. This Smart Color USB Light Strip is a gorgeously innovative, customizable lighting solution for any modern space. This 6.5 foot, flexible, water-resistant strip is filled with small LEDs that can be controlled through the Revogi smartphone app.

Use the adhesive backing to attach the flat LED strip along walls, doorways, walkways, behind your TV or anywhere else you can think of – inside or out – and use the app to pick from a full RBG selection of over 16 million colors via Bluetooth to set the perfect mood. You can even use the app through your Apple Watch.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, and the app even lets you schedule preprogrammed on and off times, and adjust the brightness level of the LEDs with an integrated dimmer. It also lets you control up to 10 LED strips at once, and makes the lights sync up to music playing from your device so it pulses to the beat. The lights will even flash to let you know if you’re receiving a call or text.