Ah, the glorious days of steam power, when computers were beautiful and flash drives were pieces of art. Say what? We are, of course, thinking of the imaginary world of steampunk, in which Victoriana rubbed shoulders with the high-tech and with the impossible. Check out this steampunk USB drive. It’s hand-made out of real copper, that results in a great texture with beautiful oxidation. Now you will be able to save important documents just like they did in the golden days! Apart from its eye-catching retro sci-fi design, the thumb drive is USB 3.0 interface compatible and works with all major platforms including Linux. And it glows in different colors!
Whether you’re thinking of globetrotting airships or clockwork pocket computers, steampunk has room for it all – even for your handy USB stick. Could there be a more stylish way to apply a finish to the finer details of everyday life?