Just because a true warrior keeps all the trophies. As a reminder. That is why, if you’re against the Stormtroopers (as you darn well should be!) then you’ll relish having their beheaded helmet in your home. Of course, you have to use it for a greater purpose than just a trophy! For example… A decanter. Using a Stormtrooper’s helmet as a decanter for your whiskey or squash is a symbolic victory over evil!
On the other hand, you’re a supporter of The Empire and Stormtroopers in general then you can view this glass as a tribute (there are two sides, let’s face that). Each and every time you decant liquid it’ll be a loving nod to the Galactic dictatorship you hold in such high esteem.
It holds 750ml of liquid (any liquid, alcoholic or otherwise) and is a real conversation starter. Star Wars fans will absolutely love it and people who like unique items will appreciate its design and quality.