This beautiful alarm clock will allow you to greet your new day in a much better mood. Using this sunrise simulating alarm clock you will be able to wake up totally naturally and carefree. The wake-up light increases its brightness from 1% to 100% to bring you out of deep sleep as gently as possible. It’s accompanied by natural sounds such as pure music, birds, forest, waves and such, so you will definitely wake up with a smile on your face. Also, this clock is a great helper when it comes to falling asleep. It has a sunset function installed, that will guide you through a natural and restful sleep. Just manually select out of 7 colors and then your clock will become a gorgeous atmosphere lamp. Or use it as a table lamp with more than 10 levels of dimmable brightness settings installed. And yes, we know that no matter how good the clock is, it still needs a snooze function. So don’t worry – this clock has it. Via touch control you can adjust your snoozing time, sunset and sunrise simulations, natural sounds, FM radio and more.
Beautiful, isn’t it?