Inviting friends for dinner and feeling up for a challenge? Well, with this kit everyone will be able to make a perfect sushi roll, so sushi making won’t be a challenge anymore… But definitely a surprise for friends + 10min explanation that it was not ordered from a high-end sushi restaurant. It’s just perfect for the novice sushi chef, because it has everything you’ll need to get started! We know that you’ve thought that dragon or spiders rolls can be eaten and enjoyed only at the restaurant… But now that restaurant can be your kitchen. And we’re not talking only about dragon rolls… Spider rolls, Godzilla rolls, barrel rolls… You name it! This kit measures exactly the amount of rice you need to make a perfect role, it has a spreading paddle and even a roll cutter – so you don’t have to deal with sticky rice all over your fingers, and it lets you cut your rolls extra evenly while saving your fingers at the same time. On top of that, the end caps become soy holders – you’re all ready for a sushi party only with one kit! And when you’re full and finished – just snap the kit apart and throw it in your dishwasher. Easy fast and fingerlicious (or chopsticklicious in this case?)