Giant arcade machines to chill in the corner of your ‘manly cave?’… Pshhhttt… The future is in tiny handheld arcade machines that can fit in the palm of your hands! Perfect for those with dextrous hands, these tiny arcade machines feature a super bright OLED screen to satisfy all your gaming needs. Though they might seem a bit weird when the person next to you on the train is rocking an iPad Pro. But we personally think it’s way better.

What’s cool about this gift, is that it’s not just a gaming machine, but a kind of elaborate LEGO set. Your Tiny arcade can arrive preassembled, or you can build it yourself. It’s essentially a modular system that you can connect on your own. There is no damn annoying programming that you need to know, just put it together and you’re ready to look slightly crazy on your morning commute.

All the builds come with a few games and the open source software means that community members can even build new ones. This is a perfect gift for the nerd in your life, or for the person you enjoy laughing at as they struggle to play.