(Epic Fanfare) *You have collected a Poe Soul!*

Congratulations! Poe Souls can restore health, but they can damage it too – so you have to be really careful. However, those who like tempting fate by wearing dangerous necklaces will probably dig this Legend of Zelda Poe Soul in a Bottle pendant.
Trapped inside is a purple glow-in-the-dark Poe Soul with bright yellow eyes. Every Poe expression is hand-painted so the precise manifestations of evil in their expressions may vary. There are many bottle houses to choose from – red, blue, green, yellow or purple. All of them glow in the dark and you get a mini UV key light for recharging the spirit back to his toxic-looking glow if they decide to fall in the darkness.

That’s a beautiful and great gift for Zelda lovers. (I actually gifted it to non-fans also, they still love it, since it’s a kick-ass accessory and looks pretty cool, you can’t deny it!)